Our Mission

We agree to sell and support our products and services at a fair price. We accept the responsibility of remaining financially sound.

Our Vision is to be known as a company with integrity; to help our customers become more productive and profitable; to provide our employees with the opportunity to learn and grow; and to add value to our community.

The Quality Performance Standard at Industrial Rubber and Supply is belting solutions that contribute to our customers' success.

  • We provide our customers with quality belting and industrial products, and foster strong relationships with them.
  • We promote excellence in all we do. We are action oriented and willing to innovate.
  • We understand it takes all of us working together to achieve the excellence we desire.
  • We believe in an efficient organization; the importance of people as individuals; and continuous improvement through training, education and a constant evaluation of current processes.
Each employee must understand and agree with these values. Employees must strive to abide by these standards in their relationships with Industrial Rubber and Supply's customers, suppliers, fellow employees and the community at large.
Our Products


Since 1980 we've focused on delivering the highest quality products possible to our customers. By combining the best materials, skilled employees, and forward-thinking design, we've been able to produce top-notch items since day one.


Our fabricated products are made to order with the quality our customers expect. Over 40 years of combined fabrication experience has allowed us to have the knowledge to deliver on the requests of our customers.


We pride ourselves on being a reliable supplier of custom rubber products and belting materials in the Midwest region. Our loyal customers trust us to get their orders done on time and with outstanding quality, and we continue to deliver on that promise.